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Thank you for choosing to signup with LiquidSix Hosting! This wizard will take you through the process of registering for an account with us from start to finish. We have split the signup into a number of short steps to make it easier to follow

Step 2: Choose a datacenter
Where would you like your account to be located? We currently have servers in both the UK (our primary location) and the USA. Customers from anywhere in Europe will likely see the best performance by choosing our UK datacenter. For customers from North or South America, it will be our US datacenter that provides the best performance. For customers located elsewhere in the world, it will depend on whether your countries connectivity is better to the UK or the US. Often it will be the one that you are geographically closer to. If you are unsure, we suggest choosing the UK.

To continue, simply click on your selection below:

Manchester (UK) Dallas (US)

Don't know

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Plan: Starter Reseller Plan

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Shared Hosting Matrix
Starter Single Plan (£9.95 year)
Bronze Single Plan (£2.49 mth)
Silver Single Plan (£4.99 mth)
Gold Single Plan (£9.99 mth)
Platinum Single Plan (£16.99 mth)

Silver Multi Plan (£7.49 mth)
Gold Multi Plan (£12.49 mth)
Platinum Multi Plan (£24.99 mth)

Reseller Hosting Matrix
Starter Reseller Plan (£9.99 mth)
Bronze Reseller Plan (£19.99 mth)
Silver Reseller Plan (£34.99 mth)
Gold Reseller Plan (£49.99 mth)
Platinum Reseller Plan (£99.99 mth)

Dedi/VPS Hosting Matrix
Dedicated Servers (from £49.95)
Virtual Private Servers (from £29.95)

Low Density Hosting Matrix
Low Density (from £11.95)
Dedicated LD (£399.95 mth)

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